“ Fashions fade, style is eternal. ”

 ( 时尚易逝,唯风格永存 )

此次《SWEATY》这个主题系列以黑白为主色呈现给大家, 其中包括了滑板, 篮球, 水瓶, 鞋袋等等。在大众印象里玩滑板或是打篮球, 都是年轻人的娱乐, 可是谁又能决定上了年纪的人不能拥有这些爱好呢, 无论运动或是其他爱好, 只要还有那个热忱, 就尽管去做自己开心且有意义的事吧。

黑白对你而言是什么? 对SWAGANZ而言 “黑白” 给人第一感觉是’’珍贵’’, ’’平静’’, ’’高尚’’, ‘’优雅‘’,它经典得像张经历了许多年华却永不过时的照片。黑白是所有颜色的尽头, 就如同生命的本质,干净而纯粹, 即使在色盲的世界里, 黑白的瞳孔依然能倒映出两色的存在, 这两个元素也不会因为当下潮流趋势而过时。

《SWAGANZ》一直以来的初衷事 “ 坚持做自己 ”  而恰巧这也是《SWEATY》想要表达, “我们与别人”  即使不一样, 也要勇敢做自己, 不要被世俗的眼光和界限而框着。

“ Fashions fade, style is eternal. ”

This time the theme series "SWEATY" is presented to everyone in black and white, including skateboards, basketballs, water bottles, shoe bags and so on. Skateboarding or playing basketball is the entertainment of young people in the popular impression, but who can decide that older people should not have these hobbies, no matter sports or other hobbies, as long as there is that enthusiasm, just go. Do things that are fun and meaningful for yourself.

What is black and white to you? For SWAGANZ, the first impression of "black and white" is "precious", "calm", "noble", and "elegant". It is as classic as a photo that has gone through many years but never goes out of style. Black and white is the end of all colors, just like the essence of life, clean and pure. Even in a color-blind world, the black and white pupils can still reflect the existence of two colors, and these two elements will not be outdated by current trends.

"SWAGANZ" has always been the original intention of "persistent to be yourself" and it just so happens that this is what "SWEATY" wants to express, even if we are different from others, we must be brave to be ourselves, and don't be framed by secular vision and boundaries.