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About Us

Swaganz Company Background

Swaganz, established in 2015, has consistently been at the forefront of Malaysia's fashion scene. We specialize in offering high-quality trendy apparel, committed to providing customers with exceptional fashion choices without compromising on quality. We proudly stand as one of Malaysia's leading fashion apparel agencies.

At Swaganz retail outlets, you'll discover renowned Malaysian fashion brands alongside carefully curated selections from high-quality international brands. We provide a unique shopping experience, allowing customers to explore the essence of both local and global fashion trends under one roof. Our vision is straightforward yet compelling: by offering competitive pricing, we make it effortless for everyone to embrace high-quality trendy apparel.

We don't just offer fashion choices; we instill confidence and uniqueness in our customers. Our team consistently strives to stay ahead of the latest fashion trends, ensuring that our customers always have access to the latest fashion treasures. Swaganz's success is not only reflected in our sales achievements but also in the exceptional experiences we create for our customers.

Thank you for your interest in Swaganz. We look forward to providing you with even more captivating fashion options, allowing you to stand out in the world of fashion.
Swaganz 公司背景


Swaganz 的销售门面,您能找到马来西亚知名的潮流服饰品牌,同时也能欣赏到来自世界各地的高品质品牌的精选系列。我们为客户提供一个独特的购物体验,让他们在同一地点发掘本地和国际潮流的精华。我们的愿景是简单而强烈:通过提供具有竞争力的价格,使每个人都能轻松拥有高品质的潮流服饰。

我们不仅为客户提供时尚选择,还为他们带来自信和独特性。我们的团队不断努力寻找最新的潮流趋势,以确保我们的客户总能获得最新的时尚精品。Swaganz 的成功不仅体现在我们的销售成绩,还体现在我们为客户创造的美好体验。

感谢您对 Swaganz 的兴趣,我们期待着为您提供更多引人入胜的潮流服饰,让您在时尚世界中脱颖而出。

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Once order has been placed and confirmed, tracking number will update via email within 48 hours. Item purchased from SWAGANZ official website will be delivered within 2-4days (Malaysia) and 2-4 weeksl.

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Items that are exchangeable are required to fulfill the terms and conditions or you may read through the guide below (EXCHANGE) .

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