The Unity by Swaganz, a mini corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign organized by us to spread some messages and loves to everyone out there during this pandemic period. Just a mini campaign to share our thoughts and positivity to you and go through this together. 

The very first objective of this campaign is to achieve unity among all of us without biasing about different races, skin colors or genders. When the unity among us is strong, we might be able to reduce the number of cases reported daily. We all have the responsibility to do our part. Sanitize, mask on and social distancing everywhere you go. Everyone is uncomfortable doing these steps and we have no other choices but to protect our family, country and surrounding to stay away from virus.

Next, why is this campaign created? We wanted to pass the awareness to you of how serious the situation now. Share the positive thought and energy as well as care to your family and friends. Know the importance of having a good health during this tough period because you do not want to go through the process of suffering from COVID symptoms.

Thirdly, mindset is important because every move you make decides what will happens next. A strong mindset also allows you to gain more knowledge about the pandemic in the world. Having the right knowledge brings the right message.  

Lastly, the sanitizer we prepared hopefully we can share the message to at least a minority of you to sanitize all time and stay home. Come out only if you're really urgent or for other important purposes.


《 The Unity by Swaganz 》是由我们发起的一个小型社会公益活动。

Q1 :为什么 SWAGANZ 会有这个想法?

在这个疫情每况愈下的期间 我们特别想透过自己小小的影响力来传达一些讯息给大家,因为相比其他国家马来西亚疫情较为严重,特别希望大家可以一起关注这个课题。

Q2 :SWAGANZ 透过这次活动想传达?

正如我们的活动主题一样 The Unity = 团结,希望大家可以很团结的共同面对这次的疫情,因为无论我们是什么肤色的皮肤还是什么宗族,病毒都会一视同仁的攻击我们。所以会想发起这个活动团结大家的力量把讯息散播出去,因为只有大家都有了强大的共识,才能减少新冠肺炎病例的增长。

SWAGANZ 衷心期盼大家可以透过这次小小的活动了解到“共同抗疫”到重要性。先尽责的保护好自己再保护好身边的人,因为谁也不想尝试与亲人的分离,生命危殆的时刻。

希望大家能够明白这次活动真正想要传达的意义并把这个理念尽可能的分享出去让更多人知道,我们一起积极面对!Let's get through it TOGETHER 保护好自己 保护好家人。 这里为大家准备了全新的便携式消毒喷雾,记得做好防护措施!加油 🤍