Marshall Brand Introduction

  Marshall (Marshall) must-have equipment for metal music enthusiasts from the United Kingdom, headquartered in Milton, England, its products are mainly headphones and speakers. In 1962, Marshall was born, bringing unprecedented sound to rock musicians and changing rock history forever. "Father of Loud" Jim Marshall OBE, personally created this legend, bringing a new kind of performance to the most talented musicians.

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If you love music, you must be familiar with Marshall, but they are more than music

In recent years Marshall has created two series of its own

"Marshall.Lifestyle" and "Marshall Travel" have launched a variety of outgoing leisure accessories and small life objects. If you love Marshall, Marshall Accessories is definitely the coolest way to promote yourself.

The concept of Marshall's design follows the retro simple yet elegant style. For example, the backpack series combines the design features of backpacks with the concept of environmental protection/ergonomics and music. The two series, Lifestyle & Travel, which is owned by Marshall, convey the same message, "enjoy the moment and live a good life", so that every user who pursues the quality of life can have a better sense of experience, while satisfying personal needs and attracting more outsiders All can re-understand this simple but not simple product, like its star series "Home" and "Portable", which have long been well-known brands in the audio industry, but Marshall chose to break through the unknown, and put every aspect of life big and small. The objects are to the extreme, not only limited to the same field, and this is the original intention of SWAGANZ.

Marshall 品牌介绍

  Marshall(马歇尔)热爱金属音乐的发烧友必备装备 源自英国,总部位于英国米尔顿恩斯,其产品以头戴式耳机、音箱为主。1962年,Marshall 的诞生,为摇滚乐手们带来了前所未有的声音表现,并永远改变了摇滚历史。“大声之父”Jim Marshall OBE,亲手缔造了这个传奇,带给极具音乐天赋的乐手们一种全新的演奏可能。


热爱音乐的你一定不陌生 Marshall 但他们可不止于音乐

 近年来 Marshall 创立了旗下的两个系列

Marshall.Lifestyle》,《Marshall Travel》推出了各种外出休闲搭配用品以及生活小物件。如果热爱 Marshall 的你,Marshall Accessories 绝对是你宣扬自我最酷的选择。

  Marshall 设计的概念追随复古简约却不失大方优雅的风格,例如背包系列都是以环保/符合人体工学及音乐为理念结合出背包的设计特点。Marshall 旗下的 Lifestyle & Travel 这两个系列都在传递同个讯息“享受当下,好好生活 ”让每位追求生活品质的用户都能拥有更好的体验感, 满足个人需求的同时让更多圈外人都能重新理解这个简约却不简单的产品 就像其主推的明星系列 《居家》《便携》等早已是闻名于音响界的品牌, Marshall 却选择去突破未知性,把关于生活每一个大大小小的物件做到极致,而不止是局限于同个领域,而这正是SWAGANZ创办的初衷。